Italian House subs,pizza,& salad - Special!! Turkey or ham footlong $4.99 Roastbeef $5.49
     Any 12 in. Sub $5.99
         Double meat $7.49    Extra cheese $.99
House  Capicollo ham,genoa salami,pepperoni,onion,green pepper,black olive,mushroom,bannana pepper,roma,
provolone,romaine,romano,italian dressing 
Ham & cheese  Capicollo ham,provolone,roma,romaine,
Ham & bacon  Capicollo ham,bacon,provolone,roma,
Pizza  Pepperoni,pizza sauce,provolone,romano
Meatball  Italian meatballs,pizza sauce,provolone,romano
Chicken  sliced chicken breast,roma,provolone,romaine,
Chicken bacon cheddar  sliced chicken breast,bacon,roma,
Steak  sliced steak,onion,green pepper,mushroom,roma,
Chicken salad club  chicken salad,onion,green pepper, black olive,bacon,roma,cheddar,romaine,romano
 Italian  provolone, capicollo ham,pepperoni,onion,green pepper,mushroom,bannana pepper,feta,romano. 
 8 in. $6.49
Pepperoni  provolone,pepperoni,romano.  8 in. $6.49
House salad   romaine,onion,black olive,mushroom, bannana pepper,roma,feta,cheddar,bacon,romano. $5.99
                        10 in.                           15 in.
Cheese             $4.99                             $7.99
Pepperoni         $5.99                            $9.99
Meat toppings   $ .99                            $1.99
Extra cheese      $.99                              $1.99
Vegetable toppings $.75                        $1.50
onion,green pepper,black or green olive,mushroom,
bannana pepper,jalapeno,roma.
          Specialty Pizzas 15 in.
Meat lovers  pepperoni,sausage,bacon,capicollo  $15.99
Buffalo Chicken   provolone,onion,green pepper,
mushroom,bannana pepper,sliced chicken,cheddar,
hot sauce,ranch.  $17.99
Sicilian  1 lb. provolone covered with pizza sauce(sauce is on top of provolone)pepperoni,and lots of romano.
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